Hi everyone! Happy April Fool’s day. I decided that in honor of April Fool’s day, I will share with you some pranks that went a little too far.

Don’t Mess with Jonathan Swift

The first one we’re going to go all the way back to the 17 hundreds, and we’ve all heard, or we saw cartoons, movies about “Gulliver’s Travels.” If you haven’t, it’s very popular. You can pick up the book or any type of media that has been done for it. And the author, his name is Jonathan Swift. So it seems like he was really irritated with this guy named John Partridge, who seems to have been an astrologer for celebrities. And this guy wrote this really sarcastic account of the Church of England and Jonathan Swift. He was a cleric of the Church of Ireland, which seems related to the Church of England.
He was really annoyed. So he decided that on March 29th, 1708, he would go under the pseudonym Isaac Birkenstaff. He would predict the death of John Partridge. Then the next day, he confirmed, then John Partridge died, and he even created this eulogy:

Five-foot deep lies on his back, a cobbler star, monger, and quack
who to the stars and pure Goodwill does to his best look up.
We’re still weep all you customers that use his pills, his almond act, or shoes

Back in the day would be considered throwing some hardcore shade. So the next day, on April 1st, there was a knock on John Patridge’s door, and he opened it to find people getting ready to start making funeral arrangements for him.
He was probably shocked. John insisted that he wasn’t dead. It seems like that until he died, seven years later, John Partridge was really affected by was that hoax. So, in other words, don’t mess with Jonathan Swift.

Prank that Almost Started a War

The second prank almost started a war. So in 1986, and the Israeli intelligence officer decided that it would be a fantastic, funny prank. If he fed to an Israel radio, a gunman had assassinated the Lebanese Shia Muslim leader, NABI Berry. So he sent that to the Israel radio, and they announced it. And that immediately caused huge tensions, especially the fact that it wasn’t true and NABI Barry was alive. This actually almost started a war, which cost the intelligence officer be sentenced to 35 days of detention. So that is definitely a lesson that he learned that day. Was that just because it’s April fools doesn’t mean that any prank that comes out that day is going to be taken lightly

Radio DJs Cause Panic

This April fool’s joke shows that history repeats itself. If you don’t learn from history. So on April 1st, 2002, in Kansas City, some radio DJs announced that the local water supply had high dihydrogen monoxide levels. And the side effects were stuff like urinating, constantly, skin pruning and et cetera. And this caused hundreds of people who were listening to the radio station a freak out to start calling the water department. The police freaked out that there was something in the water. Well, dihydrogen monoxide is H2O, which is water. So that is the chemical name for water. So the DJs were criticized, and somebody even said that it was terrorism. You would think that people would learn and be like, Oh crap, let’s not do that again. Well, no. In 2013 to Florida DJs, I guess they heard about the Kansas city DJs in that prank. And they decided, Ooh, I think that is a great idea. Let’s go ahead and do the same prank. So they did that, and that resulted in them getting yanked off the air. And they even almost got felony charges placed on them. So that teaches the DJs don’t use chemical names and think that is funny and learn from the past mistakes because if you don’t, you’re going to repeat it.

Gun Robbery at Retail Store

The fourth prank that went wrong was in 2003, a retail store employee in Columbus, Ohio. She called her boss up, and she told him all freaked out that someone was robbing the store at gunpoint. So he did what anybody would do. He immediately called nine 11. And that time, she called him back and was like it was a prank. And he was like, what? Like, who makes a prank like that? And she looked out her window, and there were four patrol cars out there. And she actually got arrested for introducing panic.

I Killed My Husband

The last prank we’re going to talk about is a true-crime podcast/YouTube focused on female killers. So I had to end it with someone pretending to be one. So in 2013, Susan, Tammy, Hudson of Kingsport, Tennessee, called her sister up, and she was like, Oh, I just shot my husband. Oh my God, I’m cleaning up the mess. Let’s go bury him in Blackwater. And I commend her sister. Her sister didn’t do some family members would do, which would be, yeah, let’s go bury him. He, she went, and she called the police, and the police showed up. So she was lucky because the police did not press charges. One of the reasons was that Susan, Tammy Hudson’s husband, showed up, and of course, he was alive. So no charges were pressed. So don’t call anyone saying that you have murdered someone in our cleaning up the mess. So those were five April fools pranks that went a little too far. If you’ve actually conducted a prank that you feel now, w you went a little too far. I think the only type of pranks that I’ve ever pulled is like, Oh, crap, I messed up your shirt or something silly like that. But let me know if you’ve done something that basically equates to what these people did.

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