Adopting a child is a blessing for both the child and the adopted family.  This is especially true when the child is a teenager because the older a child is; the harder it is for her to be adopted.  You wouldn’t think that an adopted child would murder the family who adopted them mainly the mother. This is what happened in October 2019.  15-year old Heavenly Arroyo murdered the woman who planned to adopt her, but why? 

Ana Vazquez Plan to Adopt Heavenly Arroyo    

Two weeks before the murder 15-year old Heavenly Arroyo moved in with 68-year old Ana Vazquez and her grandson in her apartment. Family members say that Vazquez planned to adopt Arroyo.  Heavenly’s mom seems to live in New York and her dad in another state.  It isn’t known why Heavenly’s parents were proceeding forward with the adoption or why Heavenly moved in with Ana Vazquez. 


On October 6, 2019,  Ana Vazquez, Heavenly Arroyo, and Vazquez’ grandson were at the apartment.  The grandson whose name has not been released possibly cause he is a minor says that Heavenly came to his room while he was playing video games. She said to him that his grandmother was on the floor.  When he went to check on his grandmother, he found her as Heavenly said, on the floor but covered in blood. He immediately called 911 to come to their apartment.  

When officers arrived, they found that she had been stabbed multiple times on her face and torso.  Ana Vazquez was still alive but later died in the hospital from her injuries. 

Heavenly told the police officers that she had seen an intruder with black clothing and a mask running away from the apartment in a black car. Heavenly Arroyo’s story didn’t add up, and this was corroborated by the security cameras outside the apartment building that did not catch someone wearing all black getting in a black car. Instead, it caught Heavenly throwing a knife and bloody clothes in a nearby dumpster. 

An autopsy will show that Ana Vazquez was stabbed over 14 times. 


In the interview room, Arroyo was said to have been walking around the interview room while talking to herself. A police report that was submitted to the court indicated that Arroyo told a police officer, “I killed the old lady, and I am sorry.”  

Her court appearance on October 7, 2019 was also bizarre.  When her name was called, Arroyo seemed chipper and said with a smile, “That’s me.” 

This caused people to talk.  Her attorney told WPRI:

“You’ve got to remember, she’s a 15-year-old and this is her first experience as far as I can tell. She knows she was in court. I don’t believe she knew the seriousness of what was happening.”

Prosecutors plan to charge her has an adult. As with other female killers, a mental health assessment is more than likely. Heavenly Arroyo is currently being held with no chance of posting bail. 

Closing Remarks

A GoFundMe campaign has been created by the family to raise funds for Ana Vasquez’ funeral. The fundraising page says that Vazquez was a“very well-loved, from her grandchildren and everybody that met her and knew her. ”  It’s sad that she was murdered by a girl she was trying to adopt. However, there still seem to be a  lot of gaps in this story so it will be interesting to learn what the mental health assessment results are, as well as what investigators find out during their investigation.

Vazquez who was planning to adopt her.  She stabbed her over 14 times.
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  1. I’ve been following up on the case and can’t find any new updates regarding her trial. This article is the latest piece written about her. Unfortunately I don’t think we’ll hear any updates on this case maybe because she’s a minor because I’ve been searching for quite some time now. Last article, from over a year ago, stated she was being held on bail but didn’t mention her follow up trial date. Please could you reply back with any information regarding this case if you know any or write a follow up article about it if it’s not too much trouble? It would be very appreciated, thank you so much.

    • I haven’t been able to find anything. I have an alert on Google that will ping when there is an update. If I get one, I will let you know.

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