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When you go to a school or daycare to pick up a child, whether it be your own, or someone has asked you the favor of picking him or her up, you have to provide ID. If the staff does not know you, as well as get confirmation from the parent that you are allowed to pick up the child. The case we are going to discuss today is one of the reasons that there are more protocols when picking up a child, the woman, Bonnie Heady, who was part of the kidnapping and murder of Bobby Greenlease is the last federally executed woman in the U S that is until Lisa Montgomery. What would make people kidnap a child, even worse, murder him in the way that they did on September 28th, 1953, a woman arrived at the French Institute of Notre Dame de Scion in Kansas city, Missouri asking for Bobby Greenlease sister Miranda opened the school store and encountered a middle-aged woman with dark hair who was visibly upset.

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The woman told the sister that she was his aunt and was doing the favor, picking him up. The reason why is because Bobby’s mother had suffered a severe heart attack and was now at the hospital system, Moran went and got the six-year-old boy. She told Bobby that his aunt was here to pick him up. When questioned later system ran would tell authorities that Bobby walked with her, saw the woman took her hand with no hesitation. The last time that anyone would see Bobby alive was seeing the so-called aunt put her arms around Bobby and lead him outside the school and into a waiting cab about an hour later and other sister, sister, Martha called Bobby’s home. The sister said she had called to see how Mrs Greenlease was doing after her heart attack, the confusion and the shock that Mrs. lease who was the one who answered the phone must have felt when she heard this, she probably questioned the sister as to who told her that.

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And she was never at the hospital. This is when the school found out that Bobby had been taken by a complete stranger. Mrs. lease called her husband right away. Mr. Robert Costco friendlies was the wealthy car dealer. And the family lived comfortably. You brushed home and call the Kansas city, chief of police right away. When his wife relayed the strange call from the school, the chief of police then call the FBI. The police were able to find the cab driver who was waiting for the aunt and Bobby Greenlease. When they left the school, William Pearson Creech who worked for the Toedman cab company, said he picked up the woman and he took her to the school. She’d been asked for him to wait, so she could drive her and the small boy to Katz store, which he did. The first letter arrived on the evening that Bobby Greenlease had been taken the ransom letter demanded $600,000 and $20 and $10 bills in a duffel bag.

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If they receive a duffel bag filled with money, then they would return Bobby safely in 24 hours, a few hours after the kidnapping, the Greenleases received the second ransom letter concerning the return of their son. The first letter had been mailed special delivery and postmarked. And then the second letter they received that night, which contained her Jerusalem metal that Bobby was wearing in the days that followed the Greenleases received numerous ransom notes and 15 phone calls. I’m not sure when the Greenleases decided to pay the 600,000, but they did. The last one was on October 5th, 1953. When the Greenleases received a phone call that they had received a $600,000. And that Bobby Greenlease will be returned to them as promised in 24 hours.

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So let’s talk about Bobby Greenlease, kidnappers who were Bonnie Heady and Carl Hall, Bonnie Heady  was a gun moll in 1935. So I had to look up to see what that actually meant. I’ve heard the expression in movies, but I’ll admit to you that I didn’t know what it was until I researched it. So a gun moll is the female counterpart of a male criminal. The term comes from the British slang for thief, which has gun and moll, which is another word for prostitute. Bonnie brown would marry bank robber, Dan Hedy. She would then become a widow at the age of 23 when her husband who wasn’t prison, trying to break out of it and was gunned down by the shares in the deputies. It is sad. Then when she found out that Dan Hedy was dead, Bonnie grinned and said, that’s too bad out of all the kids that were at the French Institute of Notre Dame de Scion.

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Hopefully I said that, correct. Why Bobby Greenlease when Carl Hall was a young man, he went to Kemper military school in Missouri. It was there that he met Paul Greenlease, who was Bobby Greenlease adopted brother. I couldn’t figure out why Carl remembered Paul throughout all these years. Maybe it was because Paul had a family maybe because they were pretty wealthy. I’m not sure because during that time, Carl Hall was also pretty well off. So I don’t know where that resentment came from, but it seems like it was there. So Carl Hall went to prison for robbing a few cab drivers where he stole $38 for that. He went to Missouri state penitentiary while he was at prison. He didn’t decide, you know what, let me make an honest living. Maybe help others. Nope. He decided he wanted to have the big score where he could live the life and never have to worry about working again.

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The life he had before he has squandered all the money. So it seems like he just wanted to have the fast life when he got out of prison. That is when he met Bonnie Heady. There are stories that it was right when he left prison, like he walked out of the prison gates and there was 41 year old Bonnie Hedy waiting for him, even though they didn’t know one another, she kissed him passionately. And when they pulled away, that’s when she introduced herself. Bonnie had heard of Carl Hall, ex cons, whatever they told her, made Bonnie want to go out to meet him, which she did. Bonnie was known to be a bit promiscuous and sometimes worked as a sex worker. So that’s probably where the moll from Gunn moll came from. She owned her own home as well. The two with drink and have fun.

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There’s also the part that wasn’t so fun that Carl would beat Bonnie repeatedly. As previously stated, Carl had learned about the Greenleaf family and their wealth. When he was at military school with Bobby’s older brother, he started plotting the kidnapping in prison. And when he got out, he had a willing companion to carry out the plan, which was Bonnie Heady before the kidnapping, Bonnie heating and Carl Hall took the summer to follow the Greenleases and learning the routine. They were first thinking of kidnapping. Bobby’s 11 year old sister. However, they then decided to switch to Bobby because he was younger and he would be easier to kidnap Hedy would later tell someone he was so trusting.

Speaker 2 (06:58):

So we got the events from the Greenlease side when they started getting the ransom letters and the phone calls. So I’m going to tell you what happened from the kidnapper side. So when Bonnie and Bobby got out of a cab, they met up with Carl at the Katz drug store parking lot. They got into the car and drove to a vacant field in Overland park. Before they started sending numerous ransom notes and calling Bobby’s parents. The two murder, the young boy, Carl tries strangling the boy, but the rope was too short. He then proceeded to beat the boy to the point that Bobby lost his front tooth. After doing that, Carl shot the innocent boy in the head with a 38 pistol. After murdering the boy, they put the body in the car and drove to Bonnie’s house where they buried Bobby’s body in her backyard.

Speaker 2 (07:44):

They then plaintiff flowers over the body so that people would not question it. Even with this, they still haven’t guts to try to get money out of the family and assure them that Bali was still alive. They did get the $600,000. Carl left Bonnie with 2000 and took off with the other 598,000. The police caught a break when a cab driver with the ACE cab company named John Oliver Hagar contacted them on October 6th, 1953. He led them to Carl Hall who was going by the alias, John James burn. I’m not sure how John knew Carl, because there are accounts that the reason why was because he was the cab driver who picked up Bonnie and Bobby from the school, however, on the FBI site, they said it was William Piron Pearson Creech. So I think that is probably correct. I’m not sure why other sites say was John Oliver Hager.

Speaker 2 (08:35):

I’m assuming that John was either a friend of Carl and maybe something about the kidnapping led him to think that his friend was involved or he maybe was the one who picked up Carl after he ran out with the majority of the money and then took him to where he was staying thought it was sketch. And then he called the police and that’s probably where John Oliver Hagar comes into play. The police went to where Carl was staying at at the townhouse hotel in St. Louis and arrested him. Carl would then leave him to Bonnie Heady who was also taken into custody. When Carl was interrogated, he said that he was involved, but he was only involved in the planning of a kidnapping, taking the boy, bearing the body and taking the ransom money of $600,000. But he did not murder Bobby Greenlease. He went on to say that it was a Tom marsh who Bonnie and him had given the point over to.

Speaker 2 (09:26):

And he was probably the one who murdered the boy after investigating the FBI, found out that Tom marsh did not exist. The next day on October 7th, 1953, Bobby Greenlease’s body was recovered. It had been wrapped in a plastic bag and a lot of lime had been poured over the bag. Later that day, Bobby [inaudible] was able to identify the body in Bonnie’s home. They found blessed stains and the 38 caliber shells when testing it, the FBI found out that it hadn’t been a Tom marsh, but Carl Hall who held a gun that killed Bobby finally on October 11th, 1953, Carl confessed to murdering Bobby Greenlease with Bonnie Heady. At the end of October, October 30th, 1953, to be exact Bonnie Heady and Carl Hall appeared in federal court in Kansas city, Missouri. They pled guilty on November 19th, 1953. They had their trial with a jury who recommended the death penalty after only a little over an hour.

Speaker 2 (10:19):

Judge Albert L. Reeves sentenced Bonnie Heady and carl hall to be executed on December 18th, 1953, Bonnie Heady and Carl Hall were executed by lethal gas chamber at the state penitentiary in Missouri on December 18th, 1953, the mystery comes as to what happened to the money. Half of the money was recovered. However, the other half has never been. It seemed that it was never brought to the police station and the two arresting officers, Lieutenant Lewis, Irish shoulders and patrolmen, Elmer Dolan were arrested and federally charged with perjury because they said that it had been turned in, but it hadn’t. So it makes you wonder maybe they were involved in some way. Shoulders was convicted on April 15th, 1954, and went to prison for three years. Dolan was convicted on March 31st, 1954 and sentenced to two years, but it was pardoned by president Lyndon Johnson. Where did the money go? There are theories that the cab driver, maybe that’s where John Hagan comes in, tipped off the mobster, Joe Costello. And he took the other half of the money.

Speaker 2 (11:26):

What money can make people do Carl Hall, where two people who deserve to have ended up in the gas chamber. When I looked on the Missouri penitentiary side, are the people who had been executed. Bonnie was the only woman who had been, she allowed greed and following Karl to end up murdering an innocent boy who went with her without any resistance. Carl had such jealousy and anger towards the Greenleases. The way he brutally murdered. The boy makes me think there was emotion behind it. So it wasn’t just, I’m just trying to do it to make money. And that’s it. There was some thing behind it, a six year old who seemed to be well-mannered and quiet and he wasn’t causing a ruckus and he killed him that way. It shows you the type of people that these two were. I’m glad that now schools make sure that whoever’s picking up the child is actually allowed to, because it has caused this type of tragedy to not be repeated.

Speaker 2 (12:15):

I can’t imagine what the Greenleases went through to have the hope that with giving money to these kidnappers, they would see their son healthy and alive. And then to find out that these murderous fiends had killed the boy hours after he went with them, not even just shot in the head, but strangled and beaten. My heart goes out to them. These type of crimes is why we teach our children about stranger danger and work to make sure that they alert a trusted adult when they don’t know what a person, Bonnie, Heady and Carl Hall died within 20 seconds of one another. I wonder if during the last second, so that their execution, did they have any regrets to do something so officious, thanks again for watching the video. If you liked the content, please consider subscribing hitting the notification bell and also sharing it with someone. I will talk to you next week.

In 1953, Bonnie Heady was the third woman federally executed in the United States. She would be followed by Lisa Montgomery in 2021.  Bonnie Heady and Carl Hall kidnapped Bobby Greenlease and brutally murdered him after asking his parents for money.
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