Family annihilators are usually the men of the family. Even though this was the woman of the family, Courtney Taylor has a lot in common with what has been found out about family annihilators. The Director of the National Domestic Violence Fatality Review Initiative, Dr. Neil Websdalesays that:

  • A quarter to a third have financial problems
  • They are trying to spare their families from a tragedy, either real or imagined.

There are four types of family annihilators:

  1. Self-righteous – Hold their mate responsible for the breakdown of the family 
  2. Disappointed – Believe their family has let them down 
  3. Anomic – Family is holding her back
  4. Paranoid – Desire to protect their family

Courtney was a mix of Self-Righteous and Paranoid. Please let me know what you think. 

 Police Called to Family Home

In January 2017, police in Whitley County, Kentucky, was called to a home Friday night. They had received a call from a concerned relative who had gone to check on the Taylor family after there had been no communication with them for a while. The Taylor family was 56-year old Larry, 41-year old Courtney, 18-year old Jessie, and 13-year old Jolee. The police knocked on the door, and there was no response. I am not sure what made the police break the back door. Did they see something through the windows? Or a noise that didn’t seem right? Regardless of what it was, the police broke the door. When they entered, they were greeted by Courtney Taylor pointing a gun at them. The police officers asked her to put the weapon down, which she did not comply. Therefore, the police officers shot her twice in the abdomen and chest. Courtney didn’t die, so they sent her to the local hospital. 

After Courtney had been removed from the home, the police searched the home, where they found the father, Larry, and two daughters, Jessie and Jolee. They had been shot while asleep. Forensics was not able to know who was shot first. All three of the Taylor family members had sheets covering them. Courtney Taylor was charged with three counts of Murder- Domestic Violence and two counts of attempted murder for Courtney pointing the gun at the two deputies. 

The Motive 

Investigators started looking for the reason a wife and mother would murder her husband and two teen daughters. It was a mystery because the family was loved throughout the close-knit community. The dad was known to be a nice, personable man. The two girls stayed out of trouble. Courtney, the mom, was known to be a good mother. The Taylor family was a church member with the youngest, Jolee, active in her youth group. A person who knew them said, “The mom, she was the school nurse at my daughters’ school. So you know, you don’t expect to hear that with someone who’s taken care of your kids.”

In no time, investigators found out the motive for the murders. The prior year, Courtney Taylor received a settlement of $264,000 from worker’s compensation. Larry spent almost all of the money, and Courtney was not happy. Therefore, she decided to murder him. What about her daughters? Why would she murder them? Courtney indicated that she murdered her daughters so they wouldn’t grow up without a mother and feel as unloved as she has. 

No one deserves to be murdered. Even more, killing your innocent daughters who had nothing to do with the spending of the settlement money and had their whole lives ahead of them made no sense. 


Courtney Taylor remained in jail after she got out of the hospital. In February 2020, Courtney entered a plea for the murder of her husband and two daughters. Even though Courtney is not admitting guilt, the plea that was entered is that the prosecution has enough evidence to convict her.  

 The sentencing hearing was in June 2020. Due to the coronavirus, the hearing was done via Zoom. Jurors heard the 90-minute confession that Courtney Taylor gave police from her hospital bed. Courtney Taylor received a life sentence. 

Closing Remarks

Wow. I know that I would have been beyond pissed if my husband would have spent all of my settlement money. I couldn’t find what he spent the money on, but it doesn’t matter because even then, Courtney had no right to murder him. She could have divorced him. Maybe she thought how the community would see her if she did. However, she would still have her daughters and her freedom. Her justification for murdering her daughters was flawed. The first thought she should have was, “Damn, if I murder their father, then I will traumatize my daughters.” Courtney Taylor didn’t think like many killers before and after her. If she would have, her daughters would still be there with her outside of the prison, where she will remain for the rest of her days. 

Family annihilators are usually the men of the family. Even though this was the woman of the family, Courtney Taylor has a lot in common with what has been found out about family annihilators.
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