DNA has advanced significantly throughout the years.  People are now using kits to know their ancestors, understand their health and what diet works for them.  We see that it has become even more important because it is helping to solve cold cases and give families the closure that they need and deserve.  In the 1990s, Marlene Warren opened the door of her home and was shot in the face by a clown.  Multiple reports said it was a woman.  Now, Sheila Keen-Warren is being accused of being that clown.  Who is Sheila? The woman Marlene’s husband is currently married to. 

Killer Clown Knocks on the Door

Marlene Warren was at home when she heard a knock at the door.  She lived in a safe neighborhood so she couldn’t imagine what was going to happen next. At the doorsteps was a clown with an orange wig, red bulb nose, gloves, and a smile similar to Ronald McDonald. The clown held two balloons and flowers in one hand.  On the other hand, the clown held a pistol. Witnesses say that Marlene opened the door, and the clown shot her in the face.  

The clown ran into a Chrysler LeBaron that was found deserted at a shopping mall.  

During the investigation, a few of the people that the police talked to pointed to Marlene’s husband Michael and Sheila Keen.  He owned a car dealership and was supposedly out of town during his wife’s murder. Sheila was running repo for his dealership. 

The Investigation Starts 

The police suspected Sheila and got a warrant to gather samples of her hair and blood.  They also searched her apartment and found fibers of an orange wig. The same fibers were found in the abandoned car that the clown escaped in. 

After interviewing a few shops, the police found out that a Publix remembered a woman who fit Sheila’s description who bought flowers and balloons 90 minutes before Marlene’s murder. 

They found the costume shop called The Spotlight that the clown suit was bought from.  They said it was a woman who bought the clown suit, wig, and makeup.  This was one day before the murder. 

When police showed Sheila’s picture to the Publix and The Spotlight, they said it was her. This seems to be a lot of evidence.  Why were no arrests made? The case became cold. 


DNA advancements have made it so that cold cases that had remained unsolved and with no activity are now being solved.  This is what happened with the murder of Marlene Warren. The DNA was looked at, and it was found that the clown was Sheila Keen-Warren.  In 2017, she was arrested and extradited from Virginia back to Florida.  

Notice the last name? Well, Sheila married Marlene’s husband Michael in 2002.  Some witnesses told police that the two were having an affair before Marlene’s murder.  The two deny that. As of now, the only one charged is Sheila Keen-Warren.  She is charged with first-degree murder.  The trial will begin in early 2020.  

Sheila’s attorney said in an interview: “This case is 100 percent circumstantial,” he said. “There’s no DNA at the crime scene, linking her or DNA linking her to the clown costume or something.”

Michael insists that his current wife Sheila had nothing to do with the murder of his murdered wife Marlene.

Closing Remarks

I still wonder why Sheila Keen-Warren was not questioned in the 1990s with multiple eyewitnesses, and having fibers of the wig in her home. Is her husband involved?  Did he know that Sheila was going to murder his wife?  This is something that no one has come out with yet, so we are not sure. We have to wait for the trial to begin next year to provide closure to Marlene Warren’s murder.

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