Vampires are known as mythical, sexy creatures who hunt at night for human blood.  Some humans have become so obsessed with the allure of vampirism that they believe to be one themselves. Tracey Wigginton was one of those people.  She thought that she was a vampire.  To maintain the façade, she drank animal blood until one day when she and her friends decided it was time for her to drink human blood finally.


On October 20, 1989, Tracey went with her girlfriend of one week, 24-year-old Lisa Ptaschinski, 24-year-old Kim Jervis, and 23-year-old Tracey Waugh, to the lesbian club L’Amours.  During the night, the women started talking and devised a plan to find a man because Tracey, a self-proclaimed vampire, needed to feed on human blood instead of what she was doing now, living on animal blood that she was getting from the butchers.  It’s like the expression says.  A person is smart.  A group of people becomes dumb animals.  Other sources said it was actually days before the murder, so the actual date they came up with the plan can be earlier than October 20.

With that plan on their mind, the four left L’Amours at around 11:30 PM and got in their car.  47-year-old Edward Baldock was coming out of The Caledonian Club and was heading home.  The woman stopped their car next to him and offered him a lift.  They used sex to persuade him to go with them.  They arrived at Orleigh Park. Tracey got out with Edward and led him to the riverbank to have sex with him.  When they arrived, Tracey removed her shirt, and Edward started taking off all of his clothes. Tracey abruptly said she had to pee and would return. 

She did, and with her was Lisa Ptashinski, her week-long girlfriend.  Tracey didn’t just bring Lisa but also a hunting knife.  I am not sure why she brought Lisa.  Tracey walked behind Edward.  Edward seems to have a bit nervous at this point. He asked her what she was doing. Tracey responded by stabbing him.  At this point, Tracey told Lisa to get back in the car. Tracey then proceeded to stab Edward another 26 times. When she confessed, Tracey described the stabbing that she was like a “shark in a feeding frenzy.”

While Edward lay dying, probably choking on his blood, Tracey lit a cigarette and smoked the entire thing before throwing the knife in the water and washing her bloody hands.  She would also say during her confession that she felt nothing.

Before pushing Edward’s body into the Brisbane River, Tracey supposedly drank his blood.

On October 21, 1989, early in the morning, around 5 AM, rowers on the Brisbane River saw the body of 47-year-old Edward Baldock floating in the water.  When it was analyzed, it was found that the body had over 27 stab wounds in the face and neck.  The damage to the body was severe.  Edward’s head was almost decapitated from its body due to his spinal cord almost entirely severed and the two main arteries in his neck cut.


A few days after Edward Baldock’s body was discovered floating in the Brisbane River, the police were headed to Tracey Wiggington’s home.  Tracey probably already knew this because she realized that her debit card was missing when she woke up the next day.  She realized that it fell and went back to the riverbank.  However, when Tracey arrived, she saw the police were already searching the area.  This was when she realized that the police would probably come after her. Tracey was right because when the police searched Edward’s clothes and wallet that he had folded and left next to the riverbank, they found her debit card, “T Wigginton,” under his shoes.  

Tracey went back to her home and was probably panicked, knowing that the police would find her, which they did.  Three hours later, she heard knocks on her door.  At first, Tracey pretended not to know what they were talking about.  But when the police inspected her car and found traces of blood, her girlfriend Lisa Ptashinski confessed.

The three other women said they smelled blood in Tracey’s breath when she returned to the car.  This implied that she had drunk Edward’s blood. Tracey denied the allegations saying that she did not drink his blood.

Before the trial, Tracey did a psychiatric examination.  She was questioned by numerous psychologists and psychiatrists who determined that Tracey suffered from “Multiple personality disorder” and was legally insane.   

The report said that she had four personalities:

  1. Bobby – murderous personality
  2. Big Tracey – Depressed and felt guilt by the murder. Innocent personality
  3. Little Tracey – Childlike personality
  4. The Observer – Detached, calm, and rational

The judge and two court-appointed doctors looked at the evaluation and still considered Tracey able to understand her consequences fully and that she should go to court.

The women went to trial. Lisa Ptashinski was sentenced to life in prison and was released in 2008.  Kim Jervis was sentenced to 18 years but served 12 years.  Tracey Waugh was acquitted because her lawyer argued that she was not a willing participant and tried to get Kim Jervis to not go through it.  Tracey Wigginton was initially sentenced to life in prison but was released in 2012.  

Tracey’s parole conditions are that she cannot communicate with the other three women or Edward’s family.  Also, she can not make any money by selling her story.  The stipulation that she does not contact Edward’s family probably happened because she had written them a letter before leaving prison that said:

“I have 19 years of a life sentence, and not a day has gone by that I don’t think about the terrible thing I have done and the pain I have caused you … I know that no amount of wishing or dreaming can bring Mr. Balldock (sic) back, but by God I do. I would give anything to change what happened and to save you all the heartache, pain, confusion, and anger that I have caused.”

Closing Remarks

All these women have been free since the 2010s.  I am not sure that Tracey Vaugh should not have been convicted. She was part of the plotting of murdering an innocent person, and she was there when it happened. Why didn’t she call the police?  Why not get out of the car when they picked up Edward Baldock? Or warn him?  I also can’t believe that Tracey was able to be released at all. The psychiatric evaluation said that she had multiple personality disorders, with one of the personalities being murderous. Even if she was released in prison, she should have gone to a mental hospital, or I hope that she is at least permanently in a psychiatric program of some sort.  In 2019, her secret Facebook Page was discovered full of posts of disturbing pictures of vampires, skeletons, and other stuff, including posts saying that people should panic because she’s back.  Should she have been released?  It seems she hasn’t done anything, but it takes a person or two to willingly go along with her vampiric dreams to have another victim.


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